We’ve all been there…. deciding we don’t want to be waited on by someone we have observed to be rude, abrupt, loud, and who says amazingly inappropriate and demeaning things.  We would probably get out of line faster than we can blink and we’d wonder how this horribly disagreeable individual could still have a job.

None of us likes being treated unfairly and most of us feel a little upset or concerned if we witness someone else being mistreated.  It’s pretty unsettling.  It’s also the kind of behavior parents shield their children from and try hard to avoid instilling.  If we learned that our children were being exposed to or confronted by this behavior in school or anywhere, we’d each get pretty angry and demand that something be done immediately to make the perpetrator accountable.  We all know what the behavior is called.  ‘Bullying’!  Each of us has an opinion about people who are bullies.  We generally don’t like the behavior they exhibit, so we decide we don’t want them around.  Life is sweeter without them.

Well…..let’s put things into perspective.  We are presently engaged in making considerations for a person we feel might lead our country.  I am not political, but I do feel responsible for making the same decisions others of us do when considering a candidate for the highest office in the country.  My choice would involve considering an adult human being who demonstrates they are equipped to guide, direct, lead, unite, prepare, deflect, compromise, resolve, relay, communicate, negotiate, and protect this place we are all privileged to call our home.  The price is steep.

We expect that diplomacy, respect, dialogue, and common sense are paramount to maintaining worldwide peace.  Yet,  I have seen and heard things I never thought I’d witness throughout this presidential campaign that make me realize how very important our choice will be.  I know that I don’t want someone who quickly loses control and lashes out at others with derogatory comments.  I know that I don’t want someone who gloats about their status and proves to be unpredictable when under stress.  And, I know that I don’t want someone who shows no compassion for the less fortunate or the disabled.  Nor, do I want to even consider anyone who is prone to argue while displaying a despondent swagger.   What I do want is someone who is prepared, skilled, and knowledgable about the content and character of the state of our country and able to carefully and compassionately lead us to universal peace.


But, more importantly, I want someone whose behavior can be modeled by my children and grandchildren and all the other kids in the neighborhood.   I want to feel happy and encouraged when I hear children say, “I want to be like the President”.  For the highest office, I expect the highest character; a character every little child would want to emulate.


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