If We Were All Blind!

If we were all blind,
   Then what would we see?
No pretty or grand,
   We'd equally be.
If we were all blind,
   Just what would we use
To judge fellow men.
   We'd have to refuse.
We'd not see their color.
   We'd not see their clothes.
No looks on their faces
   Or moods to disclose.
Our tears would be lost
   To the darkest of nights.
Our pain would submit 
   To the sound of our cries.

We'd miss the bright sunshine.
   The sight of the rain;
The rainbow?... A memory 
   Lost deep in our brain.
The perpetual darkness
   Surrounding us all
Would bring us to knees;
   Our egos would fall.
The help that we'd need
   Might generously be given,
As we'd share the same fate
   and emotions are driven.
We'd each of us feel
   Our souls come forth.
The truth in our hearts
   Would show us our worth.

We couldn't decide
   Based on color of skin,
If we'd love or hate,
   Or do a life in.
The reason for prejudice 
   Would suddenly die.
On help from our neighbors,
   We'd have to rely.
Our lives would be changed.
   No dependence on sight.
And how we behave 
   Would determine who's right.
If peace is the ultimate 
   Goal that we seek,
If we were all blind,
   Our hearts would then speak.

No object of hate
   Determined by fear,
Will leak through our souls
   As each person draws near.
This darkness a veil,
   No shroud can undo.
No wicked advance
   When I look at you,
Or reason to hate 
   When you look at me too.
No fist in the air,
   Or cultural despair.
No anger dispersed 
   Through a frozen stare.
If we were all blind?...
Peace of mind!

Deborah Lomax-Reid©

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