Dinosaurs in My Basement

This Book is an endearing read that will definitely excite and stir the child’s imagination. This fascinating book paints a transition of the extremes, from an initial fear of the unknown moving towards the emergence of courage and ingenuity. This book shares how children can, just like the main character, discover valuable traits about themselves in times of adversity and confusion.

The past finds its way into the present as a young child unveils a series of mysterious and bizarre activities occurring from underneath the basement.

Various sounds are heard, screeching, growling and roaring. This certainly frightens the little one but despite the eerie and uncomfortable feel, he manages to bravely set forth to find out what is going on.

“Curiosity killed the cat as they say,” nonetheless, some quick thinking skill is the way to go around it. What will the young child do? Find out in this surprising read that will definitely blow you away!

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