Flycatchers!! The third in a series of fun children’s stories is sure to create a wonderfully engaging family moment. A new experience for kids and a ‘memory lane’ walk for us, Flycatchers! is an unforgettable story filled with fantastic playful art that is sure to capture you. The verse is catchy and joyful, making it a happy and memorable read for the whole family.

Can you imagine? Bug thieves! Flying around snatching bugs right out of the air. Can you believe it? Snatching everybody’s favorite at that… the amazing firefly! The most phenomenal bug there is! Awesome, because it lights up on its own; no wires, no batteries! Scientists call this amazing feat “cold heat” – light without heat! These bugs are pretty special. And, for the kids in Flycatchers! they are captivating. So…… What’s the catch? I guess you’ll just have to read and see!

Make this exciting children’s book a must for your child’s library.

Or, maybe you’ll want to keep it for yourself! 😉

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