The Dark Blue Jar

A curious boy one day discovers a mysterious thing, The Dark Blue Jar, dusty and damp inside a cupboard.  He sees a mysterious light within it, and curiosity has overcome his mom’s warnings about not messing with things he is not concerned with.  As he struggles to open the lid of the jar, many things run through his head (and the readers’ heads, too).

What does the blue jar contain?  What is the flickering light within?  The many stories and popular legends surrounding strange jars and flickering lights come to the fore, and the boy cannot wait to be a hero, or a culprit, as the case may be.  Only overwhelming curiosity must be satisfied as the various scenarios created by Meatball turn the story unbearably, even deliciously, suspenseful!

Hedge has outdone himself with the outstanding illustrations in the book.  Coupled with the playfully masterful story about the blue jar, his illustrations capture the suspense and are brilliantly expressive of the book’s witty narrative.  Meatball, too, has achieved a new plateau of rhyme and reason in this new outing on the field.  Readers must find out what the contents of the mysterious blue thing that has got the boy character bugged no end!  It is a compelling, fun-filled time of story and illustration that is its own very satisfying rewards.

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