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Get the love flowing with the CDs from LOMAXREID-MUSICMAKERS. We brought together a great mix of professional musicians to create a clean and fresh sound.

Lomax & Reid and The Music Makers

They connect – all five of them together – into this unique sound all their own. But the story actually begins with Lomax & Reid. They’ve been writing music and performing together since ’94. Deborah Lomax-Reid, the silky soprano and Angelo Reid, with his magical guitar riffs, are the creative pair whose chemistry ignited into this project and sound – original stuff only! Yet, when Kirk Abernathy – keyboard and lead guitarist, Ron Telfor – bassist, and Hank Matteo – drummer, blend their own phenomenal skills along with their own musical touches, it climaxes into an absolutely fulfilling finish. And all of their music is like that!

Their sound is Soft Rock. They do music that appeals to the heart, mind, and soul; love music for the heart, declarative statements for the mind, and inspirational music for the soul. Love World is their first album release and wait til you hear it. You’ll want more! And more is what you’ll get because their next project is also available. Love World Connection is an album filled with inspirational music that promises to nourish the soul.

You’ll be softly soothed and grooved when you hear them because they feel so good to listen to. “Lost In A Sea Of Love” is only one of many songs that make their sound outstanding. When you hear it, you’ll keep playing it back to hear it again, and even then, you’ll want to hear it some more. So, maybe you’d better download their music. IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

They had their product manufactured at Disc Makers

Who We Are

Enjoy some quality music with Lomax & Reid and the Music Makers. We produce inspirational family music with a hint of a political statement that both adults and children love. For more than 20 years, we’ve been producing tunes that are calm and easy to listen to. This kind of music withstands the test of time, making it easy for all generations to like. Our music earned us recognition and an award from Cyber Music Central in 2002, when we performed, “Please Count Your Blessings.”




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