I have always tried to find inspiration in the verbal discourse others offer as a mechanism for healing.   I’m just like everybody else, I think.  I like to be inspired.  I like to provide my own internal healing.  I go to church for the morning message and internalize it throughout the week.  There is always something about it I can use to get me through and I am grateful.


I also feel compelled to share with others what has inspired me.  Mostly, because of my own life experiences, observations, and encounters with others along the way.  I like finding that thing that can drive me to survive my own life journey and perhaps help others survive  theirs.

We know that time changes things and this world and the cultures of it have changed incredibly.  Life used to be pretty simple.  My years of childhood dictated that Sundays were reserved for Sunday School or Church, or just a day for most to relax, reflect, and reform with family dinners or outings.  Retail was restricted to week days and Saturdays were play days.  It was an unwritten tradition. – Technology did not include personal computers or cell phones and you would never have heard one talking aloud as they pursued their pedestrian journey, unless someone was walking by their side.  You would never have seen a driver with a phone to their ear or eyes diverted to text on a cell phone.  –  Dad worked.  Mom managed the household and kids knew the ropes.  – After school programs were the norm, music and art were the mainstay and parents were welcomed and encouraged to participate in their child’s school life.  –   Our lives were filled with the wisdom of the elder family or community member who always seemed to have the answer without imposing their will on the needy recipient.  The willingness to listen was insatiable and we inevitably walked away refreshed and full of our own strategies to resolve our dilemma.  Inspiration!

But again, the world has changed and perhaps the intrusions, disruptions, and intensity of our lifestyle in today’s world impedes our quest to find the inspiration we need that can make our lives work.  Yet, there are so many things one can absorb in the course of each day, even through the confusion.  Every person we encounter will inevitably have some message to extend to us, even if it is unspoken.  It could be an action or an attitude.  It might even mean it could be something you would never do or say, based on the way it made you feel – inspiration in disguise!   We can actually learn through the unfavorable behaviors of others.  It allows us to feel inspired that we have a totally different perspective.  One that keeps us grounded and focused on our own true purpose in life and how we interact with the world.  We achieve because we are inspired and through inspiration we are healed!


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