Imagine!…..waking to a feeling of euphoria and total safety, because peace had been achieved around the world.  –    We had learned to appreciate and respect each other regardless of our differences.  We had learned to communicate well with each other and resolve our issues with kindness and caring.   We had learned the secrets to true happiness and hope for a future of continued peace and harmony among mankind.

Those are certainly wonderful thoughts to be thinking.  Especially when with it comes the elimination of crime and the answer to unemployment, homelessness, and educational deprivation.  Every person respected life and demonstrated it through their behavior towards one another.  Religious conflict ceased to exist because we learned that our choice to worship the way we do is comparable to the choice of foods we eat or the clothes we choose to wear.  (It’s what we do with our choices that is of true importance.)  Everyone had a ready smile and was content to enjoy their space on earth.  No one was destitute. No one was jealous or vengeful. Prosperity was not an exhibition of pompous behavior, but a commitment to aid others.  Government was really for the people and common sense, not money, determines the direction of our world’s progress.

What a wonderful world it would be!  Everybody, content and happy!  All decisions were appropriate for the continuance of a harmonic mankind.

Mentioning these things puts in place the distance in this resolve; the feeling is that it could never be achieved.  But, every one of us who has a rational hold on reality would love to see this peace come to be.  Is it attainable?  A smart society, (one diligent in promoting love, justice, and peace), would attack these problems  head-on, understanding  that providing resolutions would only make life and living a wonderfully sweet experience.

Some think it is too late for the collective us.  We seem to have reached the worst world we could be;  war among various factions in the Middle East, disease that threatens the world, prejudice that prevents us from showing humanity to others in time of trouble, statistics of community crime on the increase.  Even nature has risen-up against us.  And our collective attitudes do not illuminate friendship and goodwill amongst the peoples of the world.  All this and more, causing many to undertake survival skills in preparation for the unknown.

But, here we are, knowing the results of all the problems that have cursed our world in times past. Knowing how they have impacted upon our downfall. Knowing that ultimately, we needlessly sacrifice the lives of so many for a cause or an idea.   We do it over and over again; never learning from the life lessons of those who have preceded us. We know there are answers to these things that grip our world.  In many cases we know what the answers are.  But, we  choose to ignore them and avoid working towards the solutions that can save us.

Is world peace attainable?  If we sincerely want peace, then we must be willing to work for it; realizing our past mistakes and committing ourselves to avoiding repeats of them, learning our own integral part in imparting goodwill to our neighbors at home and abroad, teaching our children the foundation to living in peace through communication, patience, acceptance, and resolution and promoting a set of core principles by which all people and potentates, the world over, must abide by and hold themselves accountable to.  These are all superlative elements to attaining peace throughout the world. A peace where ‘the whole of humanity is recognized as one family’ and where peace and harmony are shared by all its’ family members.  World Peace!

SEEK PEACE DAILY AND PASS IT ON!    International Day of Peace! September 21, 2014

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