The Power to Decompress

When was the last time you sank into an emotional abyss?  We all go there.  We really can’t avoid it.  We’re hard wired for it.  We are confronted with an aggregation of emotions through just the course of a few minutes, so imagine what a whole day could bring.  There’s a label for some of them, but often we can experience a conglomerate of emotions simultaneously.  If there is a label for that, I don’t know it.  But,  the moment something kicks it off, leading us to our own thoughts of anger, sadness, betrayal, and alienation, we begin to plummet; some of us faster than others.  And, some of us longer than others.

There are so many things that can make us feel badly and drop us into that negative psyche.  They happen all day long.  Some are so minute we ignore them.  Others, shock us into submission, preventing us from enjoying our well-adjusted selves: loss of a dear one, a job, money, our shelter, transportation, a friendship, the betrayal of a lover, a catastrophic injury, a devastating health change, or even domestic upheavals  that are never resolved;  financial situations, abusive husband or wife, parental opposition, or the daunting role of parenthood.

These can be main culprits.  They can rip us apart and change our attitude and lease on life.  The length we stay immersed in the grief of our devastation and the more it is compounded by our own internal feelings, the deeper we can be submerged in it; the language for it……Depression.  Some want to wallow in it and refuse to progress from it.  Some align these emotions with their sensibilities and deal with them rationally.

Those who find themselves lingering in the emotional abyss may not have discovered solutions that can aid them in healing.   Most of us are in control of what we think and feel. But, when we refuse ourselves the opportunity to climb back to well-being, it can be dangerous……for ourselves and others.  Along with that, we certainly can not control what others think or feel, so we can never blame others for our own lack of well-being, although it’s pretty easy to do that.

We should not always want to feel awful.  Our commitment should be towards keeping ourselves grounded and providing the solutions that will alleviate the emotional pain.  When we are not willing to provide our own healing, then we must accept that we probably need help from a professional source.  And, there is certainly nothing wrong with getting help in the quest to be happy.

Those of us who know the secret(s) to offsetting these negative indulgences use them up big-time.  We ‘get up’ and force ourselves to ignite the emotions that make us feel better.  Different people have different solutions; time with friend(s), a phone call to a buddy, a ride to a favorite spot, a walk in the park or on the beach, immersing in a good book.  Maybe one, some, or all of these will do the trick.  And, of course, there are more.  The list could go on forever.  It’s a list of things we can use to ‘cut the crash’, so to speak.  These are things we must learn about ourselves .  Life should always be about learning, especially about ourselves and what makes us happy; without hurting others of course.

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