Field of Green

It is a tree
that will certainly outlast us.
It is a tree
that will tell of our history;
Imbedded in its growth –
The history of our journey
and our choking ways,
with its companions
in a Field of green or not





It stores the spirits of the lives of those who lived before us;
Whose existence impregnated the earth with a melting pot of behavior,
From heavenly to utmost evil.
This tree… that is nurtured by the sun, the rain, the wind,
And the plain of earth around its connection to it.
We take it for granted.
We often ignore it,
Until it protects us from the scorch
And provides us with its shield of leaves.

We often destroy it aimlessly,
Knowing it manufactures our survival.
Could this be meant to erase the
History of our crime?
The evil lurks
And possesses this place we call our earthly home.
The pockets of good grow smaller;
The damage grows deeper.
But we?…
We refuse to address it.
We fear it, but wallow in it.
We hate it, but allow it.
The tree abhors it
But, is the perpetual guardian of it;
The recorder of all!….
Our past, our present, our future.
Not able to speak of the horror it has seen.
Yet, written in each ring of its life?…                                                           The record of our Failure

Its stature stunts our growth
As it displays the sins of the world in its scars;
While we refuse to
understand the implication of its life….
That ‘goodness begets goodness’;
Witnessed through those that are left
To record the legacy of our lives.
The more we give of this goodness,
The more it shall weave a
Spiritual web through their roots and veins,
Recording our mercy, fairness, generosity, warmth, and love.
The more we give of this goodness,
The more this legacy will reach far beyond us
To nurture…And save…
The generations of children to come!

Deborah Lomax-Reid
© 2014

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