Board Game Time

If you’ve ever played any kind of table or board game, you know how much fun they can be. Or at least I hope you do! They are perfect for bonding and stimulating all kinds of conversation and laughter. And we all know that laughter can make all your troubles go away – for a few minutes anyway. But think what it can do for our little ones.

Involving family members in a game that engages all is just what the family doctor recommends. Children need a way to vent just like we do. We’ve all got our own vent solutions, but children haven’t quite found out how to release pent up energy; anger, frustration, fear, or even some other questionable emotion that they haven’t learned to deal with yet. Playing a family game can open a door to relieving these emotions we may not be able to understand. It’s easy for all of us to talk about things when the moment is light and happy. It allows nonthreatening talks that can help to clear the air about a bad day at school, a failing test grade, an angry moment with a friend, or a passed resentment towards a family member over some unresolved issue.imagesCAU23EK6

That board game is so much more valuable than you ever thought it could be. You’ve allowed for a moment of closeness, an opportunity to laugh and have some family fun, and possibly a chance to resolve a pressing problem. And through it all, the world has become a better place. You are happier. Your child is happier. You’ve managed to create a connection that makes it easier for your child to talk with you. And of course, you won’t be able to wait until your next chance to play that game.

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