The Parent Part

Parenthood!  What an overwhelming responsibility and occupation.  It’s one that will last a lifetime.  And unless we choose to work with children in some capacity, there is nothing that can prepare us for it.  If you choose to become a parent there are countless tasks and responsibilities that you will need to incorporate into your daily schedule and lifestyle.  Sometimes you will feel these tasks are endless until you have become so familiar with your routine (which is never really a routine) that everything gets comfortable and falls into place.

Each day will bring new situations that require a whole new set of coping and resolution skills.   It can feel a little daunting, but you will get through.  Soon, you will be making preparations to enter them in  school.  Hopefully, you will have prepared them with all the fundamental skills needed to allow a good head start.  But, you must make your own preparations too.  As school makes demands on your child, so too will demands be made on you.

The completion of homework will require commitment, patience, and a great deal of your help throughout the years.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Teachers will call about your child’s progress and their concerns for your child.  Report card conferences will demand your presence.  You should want to be present for school performances.  And, perhaps you will even want to volunteer at some point in your child’s school career.

You might think these things are par for the course.  And, you would be right!  There is nothing that can take the place of your support.  Being there for these things are an ultimate display of how much your child means to you.  If their success is paramount to you, there will never be a substitute.  We know life can have its setbacks and you may not be able to attend every single one of these events, but your child must know your passion to support them throughout their struggles and challenges to do well.   You will be demonstrating your love, support, and kindred spirit as you remain connected to their progress and efforts to succeed.

As they grow and learn, demands on you and your child may intensify, but in your child’s eyes you will be their hero and they will know they can look to you for comfort and resolve.  Soon, almost in the blink of an eye, they will have matured, ready to take their place in the world.  They will look back on the memories of their school life and be proud.  Proud that you were there for them through thick and thin, giving them your unwavering love and support. That pride they have for you will be your lasting bond and your ultimate and sensational reward.

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