The Choice for Family Success

Infant, baby, kid, teen, young adult, and fully matured.  Then….on your mark, get set, parent!  Are you ready?  Maybe, maybe not.  Depends on you!  But now….. the questions!  Did you pick the right partner?  Do you know their signature behaviors?  Are they your friend?  Do they make you happy?  Do you have fun together?  Do you enjoy their company?  Are they supportive? Are they patient?  Are they willing to compromise?  Do you communicate well together?  Are they willing to change plans at the last minute?  Do you like each other?  Do they listen to your concerns?  Do you trust them?  Do they have goals and aspirations?   Do you have faith in a future together? Are you confident to be yourself when you are with them?  Do you have a faith base? Are they forgiving?  And last, but certainly never of lesser importance, do they want  children if you do?   A lot of questions, but they are easily answered with just little bit of thought.

Nobody really councils on how to choose a good partner before the fact.  Often, before we have thought through the practical components of a our relationship, we have allowed our hearts and bodies to betray us.  The heart swoons, the body drools, and our brain can’t think any more.  We ignored those really  important questions we should have asked that would help determine if what we have will last or fizzle.

I am certainly not saying that a relationship is based solely on positive answers to all of these questions.  My point is that all our choices are important in that they will have significant impact on our life and relationship.  Knowing the answers to these questions should help us make better choices so we can anticipate a better family life.  The answers should appease us and make us more confident about our choice.

Raising a family is probably the toughest job in all of life.  It means we will be entrusted with a most precious gift…..that of creating life and caring for it.  We will have one opportunity to do right for and with that life.  Our children will be our reward and greatest gift to ourselves and mankind.  Our parent partnership could either aid to destroy our family unite or intensify the bond that will be shared by each member.  It will depend upon our capacity to be insightful in our search to find the right partner.  The success of our family will inevitably be linked to the choice we have made.

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