Summer’s Coming Fast!… Blog Sequel

Have you been diligent in your search for a summer program? Maybe you’ve found something; that would be great! But, it’s still not too late for those of you who may have postponed your quest to find a summer program for your young one.

I did a little search and found something that might interest you. Amazon has a list of top books for 2014 and since a new generation of readers is emerging, their list of 100 classics can be your go-to resource throughout the summer. They’ve also got some great activity books advertised that will keep your child engaged and happy at the same time. Look for ‘Summer Bridge’. You might even find some other books you’d prefer. But the choices are there. You’ll also be happy to know that Barnes and Noble has a Summer Reading Program for kids. The one located at 4801 Concord Pike in Wilmington, DE will have a weekly story time every Thursday at 10:00 am. The store is open from 9 am to 10 pm.

A read or re-read of the blog entitled ‘Summer’s Coming!’ on this site dated 5/11 might be helpful to those of you who are still trying to determine what activity or summer program to choose. But, please remember that you have control of your decisions. You don’t have to pay a big buck for a program. A little creativity will do.

 Create a shoe box (or other) of summer treasures filled with the tools of engagement; pencils, crayons and/or magic markers, kid-scissors (blunt tip), ruler, construction and/or art paper, coloring and/or activity book. – You can get all of these things at the dollar store. – Give the box a name and decorate it to spark some summer interest and fun. Then, at that moment of need, call for your trusty treasure box and get those little hands busy. Create another box filled with book favorites and selections from the public library and provide a reading time to appreciate them together, or allow them their own private reading time with you as their model (meaning you are reading too).

We all understand the importance of keeping small minds busy. Since young minds are like sponges, this is the time to engage their thought process in every aspect; critical and analytical thinking, retention and recall, reading and reading comprehension, emotional and intellectual thinking, as well as common sense. It’s just like everything else in life, practice makes perfect. Consistent engagement in these thought processes can do much to improve and enable compatibility with diverse settings that are inevitable in all our lives. Children need the practice in how to measure and manage them. So, we must keep them active and engaged through activities that help to reinforce these skills. Reading, story telling, activity books and journals are great resources coupled with your child’s ability to communicate and reflect on each. All this, plus their involvement in physical activities, is critical throughout their development.

If the pennies are few and you long for an outdoor adventure, take a walk to the park or some place else and design a task that must be fulfilled as you take your journey. Have fun! Allow your little one to draw a picture and write a story about their day. If they are not yet able to write their own story, you can write as they dictate it to you. Consolidate all the summer stories into a fun custom made storybook and allow them to revisit it often. This can encourage reading, recall, and help to create some great memories.

Finding a summer program is not about how much money you are able to spend, it’s about keeping your little one engaged and happy. And the premium reward is watching the progress and success that is generated through the great experiences and activities you provide for your child.

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