Sounds and Senses

Humans have been in existence for about 250,000 years.  And for the last 50,000 of them….Music!!!!! To sooth the savage beast? – or whatever!!!  Its specific intentions weren’t unique. Those early sounds were probably meant to send a message of some sort or celebrate a special occasion.

Time, evolution, and social deference have done much to reinforce the demand for diversity in music.  What’s really amazing is that it has evolved to such an aggregation of musical styles that they are too many to count.  As the styles of music increase, so do the moods they evoke….moods that are derived from the souls of its creators; moods they want us to feel as well.

Music’s greatest appeal now is entertainment.  We use it to relax, be spiritually uplifted, evoke thought, or delight us to laughter, fun, and dance.  For most us it helps us escape our troubles!  And we all need that don’t we? –  Just a little something to keep us uplifted! And our children need it just as much as we do.  Aside from the traditional kids’ music we love to expose them to, we know they’ll be exposed to music beyond our presence.  It’s up to us to help them develop a sense of  good  music.  Our own choice of music will be their gauge.

We do forget or ignore that music can be like a TV show we don’t want our children to see.  We know that there is music that may be inappropriate for our children to listen to.  As there is lots of music that is wonderful to hear, there is a lot that is not.  How it managed to seep through the sound waves without question is anybody’s guess, but it’s there.  So just as we must be vigilant in filtering all the negative influences from our children’s lives, we cannot forget that ‘bad’ music can have an impact too.

There should be more in life to make us happy and help us maintain that happiness.  But, at least we have music; to sooth us, move us, groove us, improve us, and enthuse us.  Music that can create a bridge to peace and harmony.

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