One Simple Solution!

I used to be an avid watcher of ID (Investigation Discovery) on cable television.  I’m not certain of the reason for my attraction to a show that revels in displaying the brutality of life.  But, it was a short attraction and I’m glad it’s over.  Yet, I have to admit it forced me to become informed, educated, and aware of the cruelty, viciousness, and ludicrous criminal behaviors that seem so inherent in this society and exist all over the world, infesting this place where we live.I’m also taken aback by the incredible amount of attention given by the media and entertainment world as they exploit these unfathomable behaviors.  We are bombarded by them. We must certainly be aware of what goes on around us.  We live in a world that demands we be cautious and prepared, if we are ever confronted by the scourge of our own communities.  So, it is safe to state that we have been inundated by the knowledge of the behaviors we all probably thought would never, ever come to be.  It’s everywhere and it appears to be getting worse.

I suppose what truly amazes me just as much,  is that anyone would choose a life that will inevitably end their freedom.  If not physical freedom (death or jail), then the emotional and psychological freedom lost (due to guilt or fear of penalty) when one ignores the rules of life.  And for me those rules are pretty simple – live good, do good!  Captures it all, I think. And for those of us who honor these simple rules, life is a very different place to live.

Living to do good is a wonderful feeling. It is liberating, innocent, evokes happiness, is rewarding and it is extremely underrated.  We know it allows us to find the wonderful things in life that are special; the variegated greens of the grasses and trees all over the earth, the sacred little flower – an individual wonder wherever you go, the wonder  in every breath you take, and the quiet of the peace in your heart because you learned to appreciate the life around you and learned where goodness comes from.  We’ve learned that life will bring us ups and downs, joys and sadness, fears and discontent.  Yet, our journey is filled with the pleasures and treasures of living life by finding the little joys that give life value.  And it has nothing to do with money.

The most unfortunate distress for all of us is that those who are so intent on committing crimes and displaying loathsome behaviors, will never find the true peace there can be in living life for the sake of happiness and will wreck havoc on all of us; probably motivated by the carnage blasted in our face by the media.But where do we go from here?  What can we do?  How can we change this path we are on for a path void of human devastation and catastrophe?  It’s true –  it seems insurmountable!  But, we have a responsibility to try anything that might work.  So, how about simple psychology or let’s just call it common sense.  Psychologists inform us that we are influenced by our environment.  If this be true, then vigorously bombard us with the good things we are capable of.  Fill us to the brim with the  awesome accomplishments of our fellow man.  Make known our extraordinary achievements.  Inspire us with the goodness in the world.  Bombard us with the loving behaviors that surround us.  Announce our joys and community service to each other.  Infinitely display our love and tolerance for each other and drastically change the content of the news.  Give us some good things to ooh and ahh about.  Saturate us with it!

Perhaps, with time, we will change the reasons why people seek attention.  Perhaps we will enable them to impose their goodness on us instead of their rath.  Perhaps this will allow us to change our universal landscape into one filled with peace, love, and respect.  One that is devoted to international humanitarian responsibility.

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