Camping and Promoting Family Bonding

Just about any camping expedition, with the exploring, camp set up, outdoor cooking and general interaction, is an excellent venue for family bonding. Everybody benefits from human relationships and bonding is at a higher level as it includes trust, love and fulfillment – and this is even more important between parents and their children. Children pick up much more than we give them credit for and this just highlights the importance of the father – son and mother – daughter relationship. This boning is a guiding factor that will affect emotional and educational development. Our children’s development will reflect the quality of their relationships within the family and specifically with their parents and siblings. The family structure provides father role models for the sons as mothers o for their daughters.

Just about any camping expedition, even if it is not a good one (and this sometimes happens), is an ideal opportunity for family bonding – the bad times are sometimes the best teaching opportunities while the best ones allow everyone to share moments that in time will become great memories.

The wonderful thing about camping trips is that everybody can come – maybe a little more planning will be needed at times, but campers can be from just about any age. This means the sharing and bonding opportunities are very large and worthwhile.

The following are five ideas on the type of camping trips for you – the next step is up to you.

1. Hiking seems to be very popular and with good reason. You can have short half day hiking trips, even shorter if you are out of practice or the members of your team fin it difficult. The good news here is that apart from the experience of nature, there are a large number of places you can go to and most have a difficulty grading system. These are safe and equally important, enjoyable days out. You will be surprised on your children’s stamina.

2. Fishing Expeditions. As with other campingalternatives, part of the fun is to choose where, with whom and the getting the right gear. From the point of view of bonding, fishing implies a teaching and sharing experience. You have many alternatives in America – fresh water (lakes, rivers, streams) and sea fishing (off the coast or further out).

3. RV Expeditions. All in all a great alternative for your camping trips. You can spend longer away, you can travel further and enjoy any of the numerous camping sites that cater for RV’s. Also, and people sometimes forget this, is that you can include other camping activities such as fishing and hiking as part of your overall trip. In short, together with many home comforts you have a lot of flexibility as to choices and activities.

4. Backpacking. For the hardier soul and admittedly demanding a certain amount of physical fitness, these trips are a great way of staying in contact with nature. If the sun shines, if it rains or if it snows, on a backpack trip you will enjoy (and perhaps suffer) what nature has to offer. It is more for adventurers but the challenge is certainly worthwhile. Not all trips reflect a Daniel Boone type of life as you can go for much shorter expeditions with friends, family and preferably with your children. Just make sure you organize it taking into account everyone’s capabilities.

5. Camping in a Tent. In the realm of camping trips this one is definitely the king. You have many options in camping sites, but the important part is the sleeping out. For children, of all ages, there is something about sleeping out, with the dark night above overhanging the tent and knowing there are no walls around. There is a delicious feeling of danger in the night, but knowing that the parents are around provides just the right note – security in protection but the image of the wild.

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