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    We’ve all been there…. deciding we don’t want to be waited on by someone we have observed to be rude, abrupt, loud, and who says amazingly inappropriate and demeaning things.  We would probably get out of line faster than we can blink and we’d wonder how this horribly disagreeable individual could still have a job. None of us likes being treated unfairly and most of us feel a little upset or concerned if we witness someone else being mistreated.  It’s pretty unsettling.  It’s also the kind of behavior parents shield their children from and try hard to avoid instilling.  If we learned that our children were being exposed to or confronted by this behavior in school or anywhere, we’d each get pretty angry and demand that something be done immediately to make the perpetrator accountable.  We all know what the
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  • Parenting 101

    Are we fear struck yet? Are we paying attention?  Have we realized that  the behaviors demonstrated by many people of our society today are a direct result of their upbringing.   There are always exceptions, but we know for the most part, that what we ‘see’ is the result of what people have been taught and exposed to.   I am a baby boomer.  I grew up in a time when church, prayer, and a great many school and church activities were an integral part of my life.  I can safely say that this was the way of many of my peers.  We were aware of and immersed in social settings that taught tolerance and respect.  We were guided and instructed to exhibit appropriate behaviors wherever we went.   Schools set aside a moment for silent reflection.  They seemed compelled to
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  • About the Author & Illustrator Deborah Lomax-Reid, or Meatball, is a retired elementary school teacher using her time and creativity to bring enjoyment to the reader who is young or young-at-heart via her entertaining stories. Her poetic rhythmic verse is funny and captivating, leaving you lighthearted and thoroughly entertained. Ed Hedgepeth, or Hedge, is a remarkable artist whose talent and skills culminate to achieve a phenomenal story of pictures that allow the young reader to become absorbed and engaged even without the text. His experience with art has evolved to bring us laughter and an appreciation for detail. Together, their collective skills allow for an unwavering experience in merriment and humorous suspense.
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  • Meet The Authors!

    WELCOME TO MY COVE!!! I hope this little place where you come to visit from time to time will bring you a good amount of peace, enjoyment, relief, suggestions, ideas, talk, and lots of fun. This is a very exciting time for me and I am happy to be sharing this wonderful experience with all of you. It’s a little daunting though and I’m a bit nervous, since I am 64 and that classifies me as an oldster. I’m sorry to have waited so long but that’s probably a good thing, because now I have a whole lot more to say. It all stems around encouraging and promoting family unity and closeness and creating a bond that will inevitably become the memories of you and your child’s past; an awesome reward in itself! That’s my crusade; to encourage as much family bonding
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JOYLAND –  Music Video
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Parenting 101
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